Now is the time to make your voice heard – Berlin live events go online

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I’m not going to begin to say, in any way at all, that the corona virus that we’re dealing with has anything good about it. But it’s also true that every crisis that happens brings something positive with it. Whether it’s triumphing through adversity or tough conditions bringing out the best in people – even while institutions, shops, and countries shut down, we see again and again the best in people coming out.

Everyone has by now seen and heard the Italian response to being shut up at home: whole neighbourhoods coming out on the balcony to sing together; or how in Spain at a particular time on a particular day, the entire country simultaneously applauded the emergency services; or about the tweets and the handwritten notices stuck on lampposts and pushed through letterboxes, asking if anyone infirm, old, alone, vulnerable, needs help.

And among the music community it’s been happening too: with any number of groups of musicians, labels, studios and engineers getting together to come up with ideas of how to put on online events, like Going Viral, United We Stream and Dringeblieben. Plus things like the “Lockdown Skill-swap” Facebook group, where people offer free training in whatever their expertise is…and much, much more.

We’ll be setting up a page on the Fete de la Musique website listing as many upcoming online music events that we find – so please send us your online events, and we’ll add them to the list!

The FETEBerlin team has found itself truly inspired by the creativity, positive spirit and general pluck shown by our independent creative community, both here in Berlin and further afield, in the face of the corona virus. And it didn’t take long to realise that of course we have our role to play: which is why we’re setting up a list of all such online streamed events that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home, here on the Berlin Fete de la Musique site.

The first events we’ve heard about and which we’d like to shine a light on are:


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The Berlin club scene has jumped into action: Every evening from 7pm and live-streamed on Facebook from a variety of (otherwise empty) Berlin clubs, DJ acts will be playing: a whole bunch of clubs and acts are getting on this; kicking off with performances from Watergate, Sage, Tresor and Griessmühle under the title United We Stream – check out the website for upcoming dates, locations and acts.


“As a reaction to closing all Berlin Clubs and the rest of the world being in quarantine, Berlin’s clubs, event organizers and artists declare their support for each other. On Wednesday, the 18th of march, they begin the biggest digital club on, daily from 7pm on and from changing venues. Next to streaming Live Dj-sets, Live-Music and Live- performances, it will be a platform for discussion rounds, presentations and movies addressing all themes concerning our club culture.

“UnitedWeStream is an initiative by the Berlin Club Commission and the campaign platform, Reclaim Club Culture. We are grateful to have won arte, radioeins, ALEX TV and the Berlin label SUOL and ifbbw as cooperating partners for providing and maintaining the streaming technology. offered themselves as a donation platform. Visitors to their page will be asked for a voluntarily donation and in return receive a „Virtual Club Ticket“. All the streaming ́s income will flow directly to a relief fund which will support Clubs, event organizers and artists in need. And for this case, a specific criteria catalog has been developed, as well as an independently assigned jury to make decisions about the distribution of these funds.”

Donation account:
Berlin Worx e.V.
IBAN DE 55 4306 0967 1179 9831 00
at GLS-Bank

Björn Lampe, CEO of “As a company in the heart of Kreuzberg, we have always been closely connected to Berlin’s club culture. Not only do we appreciate the immediate neighborhood of the creative scene, we are also aware of the important role it plays for the Berlin economy and especially for Berlin itself. In times like these, we want to stand together and are very happy to be able to support the United We Stream initiative with our fundraising platform and our charity stream tools. “

Anja Caspary, Music Director of radioeins: “Radioeins supports the fundraising campaign wholeheartedly because the Berlin music culture scene is our lifeline. Reports and interviews with bands and musicians, artists and DJs are part of our DNA and we radio people can be found in the clubs and concert venues every night. In times of crisis, culture always struggles first. Therefore, it’s good that we can show everyone how they can help because it would be a great tragedy if the music scene did not survive corona. “


The Fisher sisters – Georgie Fisher, who has been singer-songwriting around town for a good few years and has become a regular face on the scene; plus her sister Stephanie Fisher, who has now been bobbing about here for the last couple of years as well – have come up with an online streamed concert series called Going Viral; teaming up with a tech event team that contributes technical know-how plus top of the line video, recording and streaming equipment, they’ll be putting on a three concerts a week, each featuring two acts – with a more acoustic bent. The first concert is this weekend featuring their own duo, Sissos (check out those honeyed vocals!) and another Berlin acoustic scene stalwart, Lukas Laufen.


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From the people who do Rausgegangen, featuring live events (outside) in Cologne and Munich, comes Dringeblieben – featuring live events (inside). They say:

“With Rausgegangen we want to show what great experiences there are out there. But the coronavirus makes it impossible for us to go to venues or bars anymore.

We thought that if we as a society can’t go out for culture for the moment, we’ll bring culture into your living room instead. That’s why we will go online with live streams on from Tuesday at 6pm. What can you find on

– Livestreams for artists and places to let events simply take place online. From theatre to concerts and parties.
– The possibility for viewers to communicate with the artists via chat
– The possibility for viewers to financially support the artists in the stream.”

We’ll be setting up a list of all such online streamed events right here on the website. If you’re putting on such events, please let us know and we’ll add them to the list!