Las Burmas Foto der MusikerIn für Fete de la Musique Berlin

Fête de la Musique interviews "Las Brumas"

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Today in the limelight: Las Brumas, who filled out the FETEBerlin interview.  Please introduce yourself or your band / project - where are you from, what kind of music do you play, what would you like to tell us about yourself? Las Brumas: Hailing…

Songs born across the Atlantic

How big is the world nowadays? For Eloy and Walter, members of Alien Bird, fortunately in these technological times, it'd be small. They produce their songs, each one in their home studio, 11.500 km away between Berlin and Buenos Aires,…

Berta Berlin gives us the best live performances with a focus on high quality production and performances

There's a joke out there that runs something like, what does a musician do if he wins the lottery? Go on tour until the money runs out, of course. Because performers perform, musicians make music, and singers sing - whether we're allowed out…
Ausschnitt eines Manns mit Gitarre

With music through the Corona crisis: #FETEBerlin presents the best online experiences

Life has already changed dramatically due to the coronavirus and there is not a lot to be said for the current situation. Nevertheless, every crisis also brings positive aspects. As far as Corona is concerned, the Italians singing from their…
Panorama Berlin Fete de la Musique

On the 21st June we will celebrate a Fête de la House-Musique

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The global spread of the Coronavirus has, of course, changed everything, and we have to tell you, with a heavy heart that the Fête de la Musique 2020 will not be taking place - at least not in the form to which you are accustomed. But! We welcome…

Berlin (A)Live: senate launches platform to promote online cultural events across Berlin

The Corona crisis threatens the cultural diversity of our city and the existence of a great many artists, people working in the entertainment fact everyone who contributes to making culture happen in Berlin. Berlin (a)live brings…
Ausschnitt eines Manns mit Gitarre

Now is the time to make your voice heard - Berlin live events go online

I'm not going to begin to say, in any way at all, that the corona virus that we're dealing with has anything good about it. But it's also true that every crisis that happens brings something positive with it. Whether it's triumphing through…

Don't forget! Stage registration closes 28th March!

I know, I get it. It's winter outside. But summer's coming - so don't forget to register your stage or event location for the 21st June, Fete de la Musique Berlin 2020 - by 28th March. I must confess that at the time of writing it is early…

25 years Fête de la Musique | 2020 is the 25th FETE Anniversary!

1995. Green Day and The Offspring have just brought punk kicking and screaming into the mainstream. In England, Oasis are going through the roof with 'Morning Glory' and Britpop is born. Hip hop is in its 'golden era' in the USA and hits Germany…
2020 Fete de la Musique Focus District is Berlin Mitte - Photo copyright Jim Kroft

Fete de la Musique 2020 has a new focus district - and this year it's Berlin Mitte!

Even though March has only just been born, we're already looking forward to the middle of the summer, and while the winter winds have been whipping around outside, we've been hard at work, like a bunch of squirrels who've got the seasons the…