Mobility: Taking the first step to a greener event


Welcome to the third part of our series of articles on how we can try to make live events more sustainable and less harmful to the environment. Last week we talked about energy and electricity; this week we’re talking about mobility.

The arrival and departure of visitors and musicians account for about 80% of the emissions of an event.

Even though this Fête de la Musique is mainly taking place in Berlin, it produces large CO2 emissions. A Greener Fête de la Musique also intends to make a significant reduction possible here through a few simple measures.

Of course you can’t tell your visitors how to get to you, but by choosing the location of your event you can make it much easier for them to get there by public transport or bicycle.

Since parking spaces are scarce in Berlin anyway, you are already saving the environment and the nerves of both visitors and residents. I’m sure everyone will thank you.

The arrival and departure of visitors and musicians account for about 80% of the emissions of an event.

Of course, an innovative bicycle concept also needs enough secure parking spaces and maybe even a special feature or two as a goodie for those who travel by a more environmentally friendly means of transport. Hamburg’s bicycle wardrobe is a wonderful example of this.

Cooperation with the numerous Berlin bicycle initiatives offers one great way to positively impact our footprint. When it comes to material logistics for the stage, instruments and catering, there are also various providers who can supply you with electric vehicles or cargo bikes that work in an environmentally friendly way.

If you are planning a larger event, the offer of a one-day combined ticket with the BVG can motivate your visitors to come to your Greener Fête de la Musique event in a relaxed manner by bus, tram or train.

We hope you enjoyed this article about environmentally friendly and sustainable mobility for events.

Check back next week (or sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss out!) – for more tips on how to make your stage at Fete de la Musique 2021 more environmentally friendly.

And of course, our tips for reducing the ecological impact of live events apply to all live events you host – and we hope there will be many more of them in the future!

Main photo by Christina Spinnen via Unsplash