The #FETE is for everyone: Fête de la Musique cooperates with pinc music

Handiclapped- Collage für inklusive Musik, fête de la Musique Berlin

All people are welcome at the Fête de la Musique. But for some music fans the barriers are higher than for others. We want to overcome these barriers. Together with you. We want to make our concerts more inclusive. That’s why we work with people who know: Handiclapped – Kultur Barrierefrei e.V. – helps us and you to make the concerts barrier-free. Piece by piece.

Logo Pinc Music, Fête de la Musique Berlin

There is a guide for accessibility at concerts. You can find it on our website. And if you want to book inclusive bands, you can do so via the Pink Music platform. Thorsten Heese from Handiclapped tells in his blog post how this works:

Pinc Music is the platform for inclusive music. On the website, organizers and other interested parties can find inclusive bands and solo musicians with disabilities.

For every event is the right act:

  • From Hamburg to Munich and from Greifswald to Saarbrücken
  • From solo artists to orchestras
  • From fun drummers to full professionals
  • From punk to classical music
Feier auf Konzert von pinc Music

The acts are presented in text, picture and mostly with a video. They can be searched by various criteria, such as state and genre. The contact details of the bands are displayed, so that interested parties can contact them directly.

Inclusive acts enrich every event. The common experience of their live music connects and remains in memory. The aim of the platform is to give visibility to the musicians and ultimately to ensure that as many inclusive concerts as possible take place.

Pinc Music is run by Handiclapped – Kultur Barrierefrei e.V.. The non-profit association has already organized more than 350 inclusive concerts. The Federal Association for Music Technology MusicTech Germany is also helping with Pinc Music. The Initiative Musik supports the project as part of an infrastructure grant.

Photos (c) Martin Sommer for Handiclapped

More information:

Download: Guide and link list for accessibility at live cultural events (PDF)