Berlin (A)Live: senate launches platform to promote online cultural events across Berlin

The Corona crisis threatens the cultural diversity of our city and the existence of a great many artists, people working in the entertainment industry…in fact everyone who contributes to making culture happen in Berlin.

Berlin (a)live brings artists and culture enthusiasts together

The “Berlin (a)live” platform (, a joint project of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe and the Berlin agency 3pc, is the central contact point for all Berlin live offerings such as discussions, performances, DJ battles, operas, concerts and vernissages on the Internet.

Live streams from all platforms can be freely compiled and linked here. In this way, artists and creatives get more attention for their projects, while the platform also offers the opportunity to support artists and projects through donations.


Klaus Lederer, Senator for Culture and Europe, says: “Especially in times of forced ‘being with each other’, we are not only coming to realise the importance of deceleration. We are also realising that we are missing something: art and the artists without whom it cannot be created. Our ‘digital calendar of events’ helps to find art and artists on the net in times of a closed analogue world. It brings culture for all together and enables solidarity through donations.”

Armin Berger, the managing director of 3pc – with whom the senate is running the platform – is also personally very interested in the project: “We have to give up a lot of freedom at the moment. But we don’t have to give up humanity, exchange, ideas, fun, culture, music, theatre, opera, imagination, literature, and not on live experiences. Berlin (a)live connects us and fills our apartments with life from everywhere,” says Berger, “Together we have the power to keep the special cultural landscape of our capital city alive. Become a part of it – as an active participant or supporter at”

Contact and media partnership

You have questions about Berlin (a)live or are interested in a media partnership? Then please contact us directly at:
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