On the 21st June we will celebrate a Fête de la House-Musique

Panorama Berlin Fete de la Musique
Scenery on gendarmenmarkt in Berlin - Germany

The global spread of the Coronavirus has, of course, changed everything, and we have to tell you, with a heavy heart that the Fête de la Musique 2020 will not be taking place – at least not in the form to which you are accustomed. But! We welcome and invite you to join us in celebrating the Fête de la House-Musique…

Make Music and keep your distance


Wir stand fully in support of the measures announced last week by the federal government and by the individual German states to stop the spread of the virus – including the banning of all large events until the 31st August. This does of course also affect the Fête de la Musique Berlin with its more than 100,000 attendees and its spontaneous and dynamic atmosphere, which by definition almost, makes it impossible to limit the masses of people attending. In Berlin large events have been cancelled until the 24th October has come and gone. We see this decision taken by the politicians as a vital security measure which is intended to help to save lives and to avoid overloading the healthcare system.

This means that there will unfortunately be no stages or events with attendant public, being put on in the form that has become the norm

Safety, solidarity and responsibility: three values which carry with them a huge importance – and Berlin is intent on showing a good example. We’re planning to celebrate the grand anniversary in 2021 and are looking forward to seeing you there.

Still: on the 21st June 2020, in Berlin, the worldwide celebration of music and music-making should not be ignored. And so we invite all artists, musicians and music-makers, amauteur or pro, to a Fête de la Haus-Musique: to make music on a balcony, for the family or as a concert in the digital realm. We are in contact with other cities in Germany, Europe, the USA and India, where the Fete de la Musique usually takes place, swapping ideas and working to ensure that music – and the tremendous importance and value that music has – is ratcheted up to 10 (or 11?) on the 21st June! Yes, it’ll be a different kind of Fete – but one that waves a banner for creativity and for the joy that pours out of us when we hear – and make – good music.

We will for example keep the tradition of the European Singalong, that has established itself so strongly in the last two years:

At a time agreed upon together, the Ode to Joy will be sung all over Europe – and a few more songs as well. We’d like to talk to you and the many other partners and supporters of the Fête in the next days and discuss ideas how music could be both made and heard under the current security measures. On our website, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram we have already collected some nice examples in the last weeks like #kochenfuerhelden, the balcony concerts in Italy and Austria and a list of tools that allow making music together at a distance.

For many of us, the consequences of the pandemic have created an existentially threatening situation in which we probably have more on our minds to do with saving our own existence than with any creative ideas. Again, we have collected information on our website about assistance that is currently being offered by politicians as well as private initiatives. We have brought together these offers here on our website under Music Helps Now.

What can happen at the Fête de la Musique 2020?

– Making music at home: for the family and roommates in their own home

– Making music on the balcony / from the open window

– Making music for the net: Live or recorded (without audience)

– making music together with distance: as the largest digital choir/orchestra/ensemble in the world

– Enjoy music: as a stream, on the radio, on television

– Surprise people with a musical greeting

– digital music education

– digital interaction


What can’t happen?

– Concerts in front of an audience

– permanent or temporary outdoor stages

– large ensembles without maintaining distance (big bands, orchestras, choirs, …)

– Singing, making music or celebrating together in public places

– Calls for something to happen live somewhere where people can go….


We know that the Fête de la Musique would not exist in Berlin or anywhere else in the world without the commitment of people like you, and we are very grateful that you have been so committed and passionate about it so far. Wherever there is a possibility of help, we’re happy to accept, or communicate it and support you in every way we can.

Stay healthy, keep your distance and your head up high!

Picture: Adobe Stock