Don’t forget! Stage registration closes 28th March!


I know, I get it. It’s winter outside. But summer’s coming – so don’t forget to register your stage or event location for the 21st June, Fete de la Musique Berlin 2020 – by 28th March.

I must confess that at the time of writing it is early March and today particularly winter is doing its best to give us one more chance to fully explore and embrace just how many shades of grey a sky can do. If there’s one thing a Berlin winter sky can do well, it’s shades of grey. As we all know, we residents and (mostly) lovers of Berlin, that the Berlin winter can tend to, well, drag on a little, it and its painterly explorations of the many permutations of…grey.

Which is why this is a perfect moment for one to close one’s eyes, put one’s head back, and dwell instead on summer. Summer in Berlin is, of course, nothing like winter in Berlin. As long as the Berlin winter is, the Berlin summer seems, especially in recent years, to stretch on and on too. Blue skies, lakes and parks, the green grass, the blue-green water; lazy strolls through back streets and stopping for a bio-ice cream or vegan doughnut; a Sunday S-Bahn ride in carriages full of chattering people, heading out to the lakes that surround the city, cycling slowly through shopping streets and lazing casually on cafe terraces, watching the world go by.

Ah, summer

And what, in the end, encapsulates Berlin summer more perfectly than that glorious, city-wide festival of music, singing, and general togetherness than the Fete de la Musique, timed each year for the 21st June, the beginning of summer?

Planning ahead is a thing

Yes, it’s true. Planning ahead is a thing. You just gotta do it. So this is a teensy little reminder, the gentlest of nudges, to not forget that registration of stages to be officially part of the Fete de la Musique, and all that comes with it, closes on the 28th March (that’s this month :)).

Here’s the link to register your stage, plus find out all the perks and benefits of being an official event location of the Fete de la Musique Berlin!

Photo (c) Jim Kroft