Your view on the Fête de la Musique, Eva and Miquel from Spain: Do you know what it’s about?

Publikum Fete de la Musique Berlin

We met Eva und Miguel who are both from Spain, 21 years old and living in Berlin! We asked them about the Fête de la Musique because we’re interested in YOUR STORY and VIEW ON THINGS.

Have you ever heard of the Fête de la Musique?

Miguel: „No, but it sounds fun.“


What kind of meaning does music have in your life?

Eva: „Everything!“

Miguel: „It makes the world seem like it makes more sense.“


Which song has a special meaning in your life currently?

Eva: „‘Tether‘ by Eric Prydz vs. Chvrches. I just feel like that song right now.“

Miguel: „‘House of the Rising Sun‘. It has a strong meaning for my brother and me. It reminds me of my home town.“


What kind of music do you associate with Berlin?

Both: „Techno and Electro!“


If you compare Berlin music to music in Spain – what differences are there?

Eva: „Too many! We have so much variety in Spain, but here it’s just techno everywhere. In Spain everybody has their own very specific taste in music und there are clubs and bars for every single kind of music. If you’re more into Reggae or Pop you don’t have as much to choose from in Berlin.“

Miguel: „I just fall asleep listening to German music.“


What would your life be like without music?

Miguel: „I would probably die.“

Eva: „Una catástrofe! Eine Katastrophe!“


Thanks to both of you, Eva (with long blond hair) and Miquel (left). See you at the #FETEBerlin2018!


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