What’s your Story? A chatt with a French point of view: Meet Chloé!

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Since we want to know YOUR personal stories about Fête de la Musique, we search the city, we chat people up, we ask our outlandish friends and we get a pretty colourful picture. So it just happened that we chatted with Chloé who originally comes from France but has seen the Fête de la Musique also in New York and Barcelona and has been living in Berlin for two years now. And we wanted to hear all about her personal thoughts on the Make Music Day!

Hey Chloé – do you know the Fête de la Musique? Being French it’s probably a stupid question. Where and how have you experienced the Fête de la Musique? And: Will you be at the Fete de la Musique BERLIN this year?

Chloé: I come from France, so Fête de la musique is actually a huge thing there. It is a national celebration and tradition in every French city, and a great day/night. Live music everywhere, the dream, right ?

I’ve never celebrated it in Berlin so I’m very excited to see what it’s like this year.

Do you have any happy memories of previous Fêtes?

Chloé: Fête de la musique is a great moment to discover new artists, big or small, I always had a lot of fun, walking around town back home, with friends and family.

What are you expecting from the festival?

Chloé: Something that would resemble 1st of May I guess. I know Berliners are big on partying outside, so hopefully, a night to remember.

What does music mean to you?

Chloé: Well, music means pretty much everything to me. I work in the music industry, I think about music pretty much every day all the time. I listen to music 90% of the day. If I could bring my headphones into the shower, I would.

Where did you come from, and which music accompanied you to Berlin?

Chloé: Before Berlin I was living in Barcelona. It was almost two years ago, and if I recall correctly, I was really into guys like Sufjan Stevens, Ane Brun, José Gonzales or Jono McCleery. Dark singer-songwriters basically. It was the fall and fitted Berlin pretty well, as well as my state of mind at the time.

And what music have you brought from your home country to keep you company?

Chloé: Francoise Hardy of course. And all the other wonders made in France: Gainsbourg, France Gall, Jane Birkin, Aznavour. The list is too long, so let’s just say French yéyé. I actually have no idea what is popular in France at the moment, or which French artist is in the charts. I left years ago and have been living abroad since. But to be honest, in my opinion, France should just stick to cheese and wine, not music. It has been a while since I was blown away by a new French artist.

What music/songs do you associate with Berlin?

Chloé: I don’t want to say techno because I’m not a fan. But it is true that you might find a majority of people that would say that for Berlin. That said, I also think everybody here associates Berlin with different kinds of music, and that everybody has a very intimate relationship with Berlin and music. As for me, it depends on the seasons I think, I’ve had different phases. My first winter here was all about Jessica Hoops, Nick Drake, and Emiliana Torrini, and my last winter was all about Lorde’s last album. This spring, I went back to listening to hip-hop.

Without music your life would be:

Chloé: Not that much fun.


Thanks and see you at the Fête de la Musique in Berlin this year!

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