It’s down to the wire! Choose 2 of the last 4 songs and have your say in what Germany sings on 21.6!

I’m not going to rant, honest I’m not, but I mean really

It’s the 21st Century, we’re an inch from fulfilling youthful fantasies like flying cars and people living on Mars; not to mention having our own handheld comm devices like on Star Trek back in the day, and all you hear when you turn on the news (not that you ‘turn on’ the news anymore, rather swipe it sideways) is polarisation here, populism there, division over the way, a return to identity politics round the corner, and apparently everyone’s sinking slowly into their digitally defined interest bubbles, helped along by tech bros not trying to grin or cackle too much, and that’s why, you see, that’s why:

That’s why I’m up in arms, manning the barricades, totally switched on and loving up the FLASHMOB SINGALONG at the Fête de la Musique on the 21st June!

++++(NB TL;DR: Jump to the last paragraph….+++

Because, you see, it’s diametrically opposite to all of that, you know the stuff in the rant in the first paragraph. It’s all about being out on the streets, chilling and hanging out, and more than that; the idea of getting all of Europe to sing along at the same moment all across the continent, in one big loved-up wave of music and togetherness, well. Can’t be bad, can it?

We started with a longlist of ten songs. Well, that was more of a shortlist of the true longlist, but without splitting hairs, let’s call it the longlist. We tossed it onto the porch, as an old friend of mine used to say, to see what the cat would lap up.

We enter drunk with fire

Hm. That might not be the right analogy. Anyway. What we did was to put it out to the vote, we put it on the site, we put it on Insta and Face and all over the shop, and we asked you: Which songs should it be?

One big loved-up wave of music and togetherness. Can’t be bad, can it?

Thing is, to be specific, we’re voting on two songs. There are three songs to be sung, but one of them has become standard, and is in fact the one song that ALL of Europe will sing, exactly on the nose of 8pm, and that is your good old Ode to Joy by Misters Beethoven and Schiller themselves, and everyone will be singing it in their own language. Ode to Joy, which contains that immortal line “We enter drunk with fire”. I guess he was a whisky drinker. I digress.

So yes, what we’re doing is we’re voting on two songs. Two. From four. Come on. We can do it. Let’s all concentrate.

So here’s the four:

Queen: We are the champions

Louis Armstrong: Wonderful world

Beatles/Joe Cocker: A little help from my friends

Andreas Bourani: Ein Hoch Auf Uns

Which is it to be?

Let us know in the comments below or shoot us an email on news(at)! Because YOU get to decide what ALL OF GERMANY WILL SING on the 21st June at exactly 8pm!