Interview: X.A.Cute

FETE BERLIN: What’s the link to your website / social media?


FETE BERLIN: Please introduce yourself or your band / project – where are you from, what kind of music do you play, what would you like to tell us about yourself?

X.A.Cute: X.A.Cute is rooted in the Berlin 90s, has developed from a wonky jazz band into the long term project of DJ Freak Ass E, based on hip hop and dub production methods, Guests and cooperations over the years include Ari Up, Infinite Livez, Miss Red, Shadowhuntaz, and Mike Ladd. Vocalist and instrumentalist Wuzi Khan joined the band around 2012, russian MPC player Guvibosch around 2014, together with Freak Ass E on synthesizers and various instrument they form the current line-up. The last release was a 7″ single with turkish rapper Ethnique Punch. X.A.Cute currently work on a sample based mixtape. The show at FDM will be the stage premiere of the new material, flipping samples from Colombian, Turkish, Japanese, Indonesian and Russian vinyl records (among others)..

FETE BERLIN: What do you expect of the Fête de la Musique 2020?

X.A.Cute: A whole different experience from all the last years, definitely. We are looking forward to a great line-up of DJs and musicians at Shishi, most notably DJs Amuleto Manuela and the Conjunto vale nacho.

FETE BERLIN: Your best memory of a Fête de la Musique is?

X.A.Cute: Must have been early 2000s: A night at rosis’s with x.a.cute (probably the only FDM we ever played) playing before Boombaker and Smith & Smart during a thundersorm with heavy lightning.