Interview: Pulling Strings

FETE BERLIN: What’s the link to your website / social media?

Pulling Strings:

FETE BERLIN: Please introduce yourself or your band / project – where are you from, what kind of music do you play, what would you like to tell us about yourself?

Pulling Strings: My name is Lorena, I book artists, manage events and sing. After many years of organising concerts and parties in the underground music scene and collaborations with local and touring live acts and DJs I have decided to open my own agency, Pulling Strings, primarily supporting and promoting international, female, queer and non-white musicians.

FETE BERLIN: What are you planning to you do at Fête de la Musique this year?

Pulling Strings: In collaboration with the Vervielfalter streaming crew I plan to set up a virtual stage, hosting performances and dj sets that will be brodcasted live from a hidden backyard in Kreuzberg. The program will feature glocal artists such as Conjunto Vaya Nacho, Dikumbi and Las Brumas, as well as dj sets by FreakOuternational, Jackie Jackpot and more tba soon!

Join us from 2pm on YouTube

Or on Twitch

FETE BERLIN: What is your greatest hope?

Pulling Strings: I hope that through innovation, creativity, initiatives and the healing powers of music we will survive this crisis and see a positive change with cultural, social, educational and economical aspects worldwide.