Interview: DIKUMBI

FETE BERLIN: What’s the link to your website / social media?


FETE BERLIN: What do you expect of the Fête de la Musique 2020?

DIKUMBI: I would love for people to feel a little release and joy in these times that are so intense!!! Music was so important in the last months to me, reminding me of its healing effects.
So I wish for people to lean back and let the music flush away some of the sorrows and be in the moment with us! Sing along, dance, shake it out from where ever you are watching!!!

FETE BERLIN: Your best memory of a Fête de la Musique is?

DIKUMBI: Me and my partner walked into the Görlitzer Park and there was a band just starting to play. An amazing drummer and a wicked wind section. the sun was glistening, more and more people arrived and the musicians made us one after the other: move, dance and lose it! And here we were, the middle of such a beautiful summer day, dancing our pains and sorrows out until only joy was left.
This was an ecstatic moment !!! Feeling connected to this city, these people, and to music! Still grateful for this day,..

FETE BERLIN: What does music and Berlin mean – and what does Berlin with music mean?

DIKUMBI: This city lives from the vibrant creativity we – the artists – are bringing. I feel that I could hear music coming from so many different places of the world here if looking for it right!
I came here for the music, like many do and definitely was inspired, taught and formed through Berlin. I deeply hope that the city keeps on supporting us…so what makes Berlin so unique is valued.