The countdown’s begun and we can’t wait…the FETE’s around the corner!


When it came to the crunch, a few short weeks ago, with festivals toppling left, right and centre, we decided then that we would make the FETE happen: even if we had to change the whole concept around to make sure that everyone would remain safe and be on the good side of the new regulations, we would somehow, somewhere, celebrate music.

We were joined in that decision by all the other cities across Europe and the world who also celebrate Make Music Day: because we all believe that it’s especially now, in times of crisis, when people need music the most.

Working on coming up with as many ways as we could to make and enjoy music on the 21st June 2020, we were also deeply impressed by all the organisers, stage partners, creatives and musicians who threw themselves into the quest too.

So far?

We’ve got the Singalong happening, with its very own Singalong Songbook (available any day now as download from our lovely FETEBerlin website – watch this space!)

Last year was the culmination of the idea of getting as many people to gather together, in each city across Europe, and at exactly the same moment, to all sing along to one common European song (Ode to Joy), with each country coming up with a couple more songs that would vibe with their local inclinations. Last year was amazing, with some 3,000 people gathering together in Berlin’s Gendarmenmarkt to sing not only Ode to Joy but also Imagine and Ein Hoch Auf Uns. I was there, and it was definitely a goosebump moment (see the video).

This year that’s not possible of course, but instead we’re branding the hour of 5-6pm on the 21st June as Singalong hour: we’ve put our heads together, phoned a friend, done the Publikums Joker, and come up with 12 songs that not only reflect what we think music is at its best, but also resonate in a variety of ways with our society right now. Oh yes, and they’re all infinitely catchy and hummable, of course ;).

There’ll be a songbook to download from our site, and not only that: we also urge people to try out performing the songs not only on the 21st but also in the next few weeks that lead up to the magical date: send us your performances, and we’ll put the best in a Youtube playlist and on the site!

We’ve got live Streams Galore

With partners including United We Stream and Berlin Alive (and a bunch more) we’ll be helping to conduce and coordinate a constant, well, stream of live streams throughout the afternoon and evening, with a load of people stepping up to the plate to perform, from pro musicians to your neighbour with a ukulele – everyone’s not only invited, we  implore and exhort you to leave your shyness to one side for the day and display your musical wares: because#MakeMusicDay’s not only for the pros and upper echelons, it’s for everybody: if you can hardly carry a tune, if you’ve just figured your first C chord, we want you!

And there’s more, much more…

Like I say, watch this space – and while you’re at it, dig out those instruments, give them a shine, run through your scales and arpeggiatos, and let’s make this 21st June a #FETE to remember – whether we’re online, offline, on a boat, a rickshaw or singing sweet nothings down a telephone line to your one and only!