Fête de la Musique | what’s allowed – and what’s not?

What’s allowed for the Fête de la Musique 2021?

  • Make music at home: for friends, family and flatmates in your own four walls
  • Make music on your balcony / out of your open window
  • Make music in your courtyard, together with the housing community
  • Make music in your courtyard, for the housing community (while maintaining a safe distance!)
  • Make music for the internet: live or pre-recorded (without an audience present)
  • Enjoy music: whether streamed, on the radio or TV
  • Make music together – but at a distance: with the biggest digital choir / orchestra in the world
  • Digital collaborations
  • Digital music lessons
  • Music on the move (cargo bikes, barrel organs, Venetian gondolas etc.)
  • Surprise people with a musical greeting card

What’s not allowed?

  • Concerts with an audience
  • Calling for a live event to happen somewhere, where people can gather
  • Permanent or temporary stages in the open
  • Large ensembles without distancing measures (big bands, orchestras, choirs…)
  • Singing, playing or celebrating together in public squares