Fête de la Musique | what’s allowed – and what’s not?

Unfortunately we can‘t accept anymore venue registrations for this year. Thanks for your interest, we would be very happy to hear from you back in 2023!

Certainly, caution and mutual consideration will continue to determine the planning. But we are confident that the framework hygiene concept of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe will make concerts in the open air as well as in closed, well-ventilated rooms possible in the summer of 2022 under the proven measures. Distance, masks, where distance is not possible, and at least 3G, possibly 2G will most likely accompany us. The prospect of the start of a summer in which we can again experience, organise or play concerts together gives us great hope and energy. We hope: You too.

And important!

  • Respect your neighbors!
  • Keep your distance, wash your hands, wear a mask – stay healthy!

Safety first!