Deadline to register as a stage is approaching fast – make sure you’re with us on the day!


Winter hasn’t quite let go of us yet; spring is waiting in the shadows; and still we know that before we can say, whoops that was quick! the summer will be in full swing and the longest day of the year – officially start of the summer, and of course the day when each year the city heads outside into a world full of music – yes, the Fete de la Musique – will be here.

Each year we choose the longest day of the year to celebrate the one thing that can never fail to bring people together, no matter what their language, their culture or their background. Music really is an international language, and it’s a language that seems to be needed more than ever in the world at the moment, with so much polarisation and so much extreme divergence of opinion.

Which is yet another reason to look forward to the Fete de la Musique. Because music – the urge to make it, the urge to enjoy it – is one thing that no one can be against.

And so we would really like to say to all those who would like to be involved to please remember to register yourselves – even though it’s still cold outside, still the deadline to register is rushing up – there are only a few more days: the official deadline for registering is the 21st March.

Please follow this link to register to be an official Fete de la Musique stage: there are a lot of advantages – for example all official stages have the GEMA fees for the musicians paid by the Musicboard Berlin; plus you’re automatically granted a licence to be loud on that day….and well, we all have neighbours….

Look forward to seeing you there! #FETE2019