Send us your article for the Fête de la Haus-Musique 2020

If you are part of the Fête de la Haus-Musique 2020 as a stage partner or musician, you are welcome to present your project and yourself and write a blog article for the FETEBerlin.

It’s important that it’s about music. We also ask you to upload a picture – whose rights you have for publication – so that the article has a cover picture. Please also provide the article with a meaningful summary, so that the readers know immediately what it’s about and want to read the article.

Please understand that we may not be able to publish every article – but we will do our best – please give everything for a nice article!

Thank you very much, we’re curious to see what you write!

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    Thank you very much for your blog post.

    We will let you know when your text is online.

    Your Fête de la Musique

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