We talk to Banglist: High energy Scandipop band looking for a wild and crazy time this Friday!


On these pages we’re happy to give a wide variety of musicians and bands playing at the Fête a digital stage with a row of ‘self-interviews’. Meet Banglist, the Scandipop band based in Berlin who are full of beans.

Banglist describes themselves as “a shameless pop band from the far reaches of Norway and Iceland, who joined forces in Berlin, ready to tear up the city gig by gig. We love glitter and the 80s.”

What else do we know about them? Their debut single came out just a month ago, their second single is going to be released on cassette(!) at the Fête itself; they’ve been featured on various blogs and played on Radio Eins last weekend. Meet Banglist, the Scandipop band full of energy and…glitter.

FDLM: Where do you play at the Fête de la Musique Berlin 2019?

We’re looking to play somewhere around Warschauer in the day time, and in the evening we will play at Liquor Store Berlin, in Charlottenburg, where we will also do a physical release of our second single “Come for Me” (two weeks before the online release!)

We expect a wild and crazy Berlin to show us a good time


FDLM: Have you ever been part of the FETE Berlin? Or in another city?

We appeared on the FETE in 2018, playing a stripped down version of our song Fearless (out now) at The Famous Gold Watch Studio to promote a show we did later that night at Auster Club. Available on YouTube!

FDLM: What are your expectations of this year’s FETE Berlin?

We expect a wild and crazy Berlin to show us a good time. In return, we can offer danceable songs, a hell of a live show and GLITTER.

FDLM: How would you describe your music to a deaf person?

That sounds like a mean thing to do. Why would you rub that in someone’s face? “Oh, you’re deaf? Well THIS IS WHAT YOU’RE MISSING OUT ON!!” No thanks.

FDLM: Where do we meet you at the Singalong?

Probably trying to find a spot to play.

Life without music? A silent disco


FDLM: Where do you come from and what does Berlin mean to you?

We come from Norway and Iceland, from just beneath the arctic circle. Berlin is such an amazing city. We all met here at our school, BIMM, and we eventually became a band and started playing gigs around the city. We’ve played a multitude of venues, including Marie-Antoinette, Schokoladen, Klunkerkranich, Auster Club, the Musikschiff / 48 Stunde Neukölln and many more. Berlin means everything to us. Sahara Imbiss is a big factor in its greatness.

FDLM: Life without music would be:  

A silent disco.

FDLM: Why do you want to play at the Fête de la Musique?

We see the stages, the organisers and the musicians as ‘our’ influencers.

FDLM: Which wish would you like the organisers of the Fête de la Musique to fulfil for you?

If everyone could come to our show that would be amazing

FDLM: Thank you very much for the interview!

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