#musikmoeglichmachen / #makemusichappen

Start Your Fundraising Project with the Fête and betterplace.me

We are very happy that our campaign #musikmöglichmachen has been so well received and that we can fill the city and the WorldWideWeb with the faces and stories of the people who make music possible this year. We also want to help you raise funds for your music venues, your music, your activities through this campaign. Because after more than a year of pandemic and lockdown, many in the cultural and music scene are not doing well.

We have nothing but respect for your work!

Feel free to create a funding project for yourself on our central landing page, which is operated by our cooperation partner Betterplace.me and is a very trustworthy platform for crowdfunding.

The link to take action is: betterplace.me/aktion/fetedelamusique

The important thing is that the money goes directly to you, the Fête de la Musique has nothing to do with the flow of funds. There is only a small fee for processing the money, which Betterplace.me retains directly.

You can find all necessary info here

Where and how can I take part?

Donations at the Féte de la Musique are made via the betterplace.me platform. This enables a secure, fast and simple donation process for all supporters. From the first donation, to the image on the campaign page betterplace.me/aktion/fetedelamusique, to the support for all participants.

All participating campaigns can be reached via the campaign link and can be supported individually from there. Optional payment methods include Paypal, credit card, Klarna Sofortüberweisung and donations by bank transfer. It is up to each individual to decide whether the name of the supporter and/or the amount is displayed. Anyone who wants to can leave a comment and greeting on the campaign page. Afterwards, each supporter receives a confirmation mail from betterplace.me.


betterplace itself is a non-profit organisation, so it does not earn any money from the donations. However, behind every donation there are security checks, support and payment service providers that betterplace has to pay. Therefore, 2.7% of the donation amount and 0.35 euros per donation are retained to cover these costs.

With every donation, there is also the option to support the charitable work of betterplace. This takes place during the donation process and is completely voluntary. The amount is preset, but can be changed via a slider – and can also be set to zero.

Donation receipt

Unlike on betterplace.org, private individuals and initiatives collect donations on betterplace.me, which are generally NOT recognised as non-profit organisations in Germany. This also applies to the campaigns participating in the Fete de la Musique. Therefore, supporters do not receive a donation receipt from betterplace.